The Scope Checklist: An Innovative Approach to Scoping Your Next Project

Presentation Summary:

Wouldn’t it be great to have a quick process for determining the scope of your next assignment? Are you struggling with the complexity of determining product, solution and project scope, with limited amounts of time to assess each? Many projects get started without a clear agreement about the scope of the solution or an understanding of the work involved to accomplish the goal. A checklist is a great tool for quickly assessing a project or project idea and finding the unknown issues which might sabotage it.

And what do we mean by scope? Did you know there are actually two distinct types of scope which business analysts and project managers should be defining? The solution or product scope describes what will be built or changed in the business and the project scope describes how the work will be done. If there is a BA and PM assigned to the project they should work together on these definitions. But often, one person is responsible for both project and product scoping. This checklist incorporates aspects of both scopes to help you quickly assess your team’s readiness to start the project. 

During this one-hour presentation Barbara will address and answer these tough questions and provide each attendee with RMC’s Scope Checklist containing over 80 real-world questions that should be asked as part of Scope Definition. This checklist can be used to facilitate conversations to help the team better communicate with the requester, sponsor, and key stakeholders to make sure everyone understands and agrees to the scope of the project. In addition to being used up-front to determine Scope, this checklist can also be used throughout the life of the project to keep the project within Scope, and identify areas where adjustments need to be made.

Join Barbara Carkenord’s presentation and discover how to:

  • Improve communication with sponsors and key stakeholders about scope
  • Prevent scope creep and surprises by thinking about all the implications of a proposed idea
  • Use a comprehensive checklist to assess the understanding of a proposed or approved project


Barbara Carkenord, RMC Learning Solutions

As Director of Business Analysis at RMC Learning Solutions and a member of the Board of Directors of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA),  Barbara combines her entrepreneurial experience with her love of business analysis to promote the development of the business analysis profession. During her career Barbara co-founded two successful companies and worked in varied industries including manufacturing, financial services, and software development. She has written numerous books, articles, and training courses all aimed at helping professionals enhance their skills. In 2010, she was named the Small Business Woman of the Year by the Georgia Women in Technology. 

Throughout her career Barbara has been passionate about enabling organizations to succeed through analysis. Barbara’s focus on increasing business value drove her to help define the business analysis profession. As an early IIBA Member, she worked on the development of the worldwide standard for business analysis, the BABOK® Guide.