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Welcome to the IIBA® Cincinnati Chapter!

If you are a business analysis professional working in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area or just have an interest in business analysis, please browse our website to learn about our purpose, goals, events, contact information, and current activities. The Chapter holds monthly meetings to share exciting topics of interest to Business Analysis professionals of the business community. We would be excited to hear from you and very happy to answer any questions you may have about International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) and IIBA® Cincinnati Chapter.

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Chapter Meeting-August-John Cancila&Felicia Moser Bad By Choice: Reclaim Your Retrospectives!   Do you or your teammates hang their heads or emit a collective groan when it’s time to get the retrospective started? Is the perceived value for retrospectives low, or even nonexistent? You aren’t alone, and better yet, YOU can choose to adapt...
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Sobarc 2019 - Presentations Download All:  https://cincinnati.iiba.org/sites/cincinnati/files/Presentations/Sobarc%202019/Archive.zip Marquee:  https://cincinnati.iiba.org/sites/cincinnati/files/Presentations/Sobarc%202019/2019%20SOBARC%20Marquee.pdf ASPE:  https://cincinnati.iiba.org/sites/cincinnati/files/...